What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

As a child I believed in reincarnation. Growing up it wasn’t something I was taught by my family or through religious, spiritual or philosophical influences. It is a concept that I never questioned.

I recall that day my mom and I went to the movies to see the latest Barbara Streisand film, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever.” I was totally riveted to the story of a woman who goes to see a psychiatrist to get help breaking her smoking habit. The therapist uses hypnosis to assist Barbara’s character in becoming smoke-free and during their sessions together, they discover she is the reincarnation of an eighteenth century lady. While only a story on film, this movie made a tremendous impact on me. It not only supported my inner knowing that reincarnation and past lives were real for me, the movie planted a seed for the work I would be doing as an adult.

It was many years later while traveling in Europe with a friend that I actually had my first encounter with “remembering” a place I hadn’t visited before. It was nighttime and we were walking to a restaurant for dinner. Suddenly, my whole body froze, I turned in the direction of a lighted building that I could barely make out in the distance, and a shiver ran through me. Because my friend had travelled through Vienna numerous times before, he was able to tell me the building I was interested in and reacting to was the Staatsoper (Opera House).

Curious about the physical response and haunted by a deep stirring within, I made plans to visit the Opera House for further investigation. While on a tour of the building, I began to shake and cry uncontrollably and all I could think was, “I’ve been here before, I just know it!” Upon my return from Austria, I scheduled a past-life regression session to find out why I had such a strong visceral reaction to the Opera House. In my session, I learned I had lived in Vienna during the 1800s and was a regular patron of the opera. My intense and surprising physical reactions, as well as my immense love of Mozart’s music were suddenly explained.

Today, I have the good fortune of working with clients in my hypnotherapy practice who are interested in past-life regression therapy as a means of personal and spiritual growth.

A substantial portion of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. Many spiritual and religious traditions teach the notion that there is an immortal part of us (the soul). In its drive toward wholeness the soul evolves through opportunities for growth in consciousness or “lessons” or “karma” experienced through various lifetimes.

Past-life regression often resolves issues that do not seem to have current life causes and issues that have not met resolution through other therapeutic means. The benefit of a past-life regression session is to explore the karmic influence of past-life experiences on current issues.

Hypnosis is the method I use to assist clients to recover the past life that is impacting the current situation and glean insight from that exploration. Hypnosis creates deep relaxation and allows access to the subconscious mind, a large data bank that contains thoughts, beliefs, behavior patterns, emotions and memories; as well as opens communication with the superconscious mind, that part of you that is all-knowing and possesses deep wisdom that provides creative solutions to problems that are uncovered and reinforces the truth about you.

Past-life regression used in a therapeutic manner can assist you to discover:

  • the root of a “seemingly irrational” fear or phobia
  • the source of a recurring pattern, issue or health challenge
  • a resource that would be helpful in your life today
  • the source of a special skill, talent or ability
  • your life purpose and major life themes
  • your vast consciousness and connection to your divine nature

Past-life regression therapy is amazingly healing. I’ve witnessed clients emerge from sessions with a greater sense of peace, a deeper insight into who they are, and freedom from a previously troubling issue. As a therapy, past-life regression enables the client to make conscious the unconscious. Through this process, talents, relationships, and affinities can be understood. Also, the origin of patterns and limiting core beliefs can be identified and transformed in order to restore choice.

From the place of choice you are able to take responsibility for the experience, the life, and the world you are creating—you become a conscious creator. Additionally, past-life regression can empower and embolden you through expanded awareness of Self and life, generate greater appreciation and acceptance of yourself and others, and provide a profound understanding of mind-body-spirit integration.

Jeni Miller is a Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist and childbirth hypnosis educator. Her clients achieve radiant, vibrant health through mind, body, Spirit integration. Her approach is compassionate, intuitive, grounded and practical. Call her at 360-647-3726. Visit www.HeartHarmonicsHypnotherapy.com to receive a free Relaxation MP3 or Joyful Pregnancy MP3.