The Lovers

By Chad Saunders

With the rewards of Heaven still on his mind, the Fool believed that his journey would soon come to an end. He would find his niche and work towards those things that he had learned about; building hearth and home while responsibly staying true to his beliefs. His life had never been so clear until he came to a fork in the road.

“You’re not very observant,” said a woman’s voice.

Looking up, the Fool noticed a young man and woman holding hands. He seemed to be looking up towards the right path, and she was looking down with a look of desire. With a smile they both looked into each other’s eyes and kissed.

“Excuse me, were you talking to me?” asked the Fool.

“Yes, you were just going to keep walking without even looking where you were going.” said the Man.

“Which direction were you going to go? Do you know where you are going?” said the Woman.

“This way leads to society and work” said the Man pointing. Off to his right in the distance the Fool could see cultivated fields and homes. A marketplace showed many people of prosperity and life. Wasn’t that somewhere the Fool could go and be happy? A place to grow and work.

“This way leads to lands untouched by man; where only the beasts and carnal make their home” said the Woman pointing off to the left as she leaned in to her partner, inhaling his scent.

This path led down to a small river where it seemed to end, but on the other side were wild shrubs and trees. He could see movement and signs of life but the untamed nature made him nervous. Could he tame a section of that wilderness and make it his own?

While the Fool had been trying to decide which way he should go the couple had seemed to forget about the Fool preferring to hold and kiss the one they so obviously loved. The Fool noticed that in one instant, they seemed to lose themselves in a kiss and then the next, they would merely be holding each other with light caresses.

“Where do you two live? Which path do you suggest I take?” asked the Fool, hoping for some form of guidance.

“We get what we need from society. From time to time we work or visit our families.” said the Man.

“But we also enjoy the baser side of life out in the wilds. Doing what we like and what we enjoy. So we mainly stay here, at this fork” said the Woman smiling.

“When we grow older and settle down we may settle for one or the other.”
“But for now we are young and have our lives to live as we wish.”

Even the Fool could see that they had yet to settle down in their love for each other. They only saw the best in each other and what they desired the other could give. What would their life bring, and what path did they walk? But the Fool had his own way to find and he must walk it. So with a fair thee well, the Fool continued on his journey.

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