Sound Effect ~March/April

Hello My Friends…so nice to see all you of here again! I hope you are getting ready for Spring and are feeling the rising of the creative energy this time of the year always brings. My message today celebrates that rising with a wonderful vision of vibration, harmony, and the Essences of Interconnection and Integration. All of this is made possible through the window of sound and through a practice we might call “String Theory”.

Let me share something amazing with you. Take a moment and get comfortable and visualize this:

See a long string of ideas, of notions, of essences appearing stacked on top of each other, forming a long line within your mind, beginning with one of the most powerful essences, the Essence of Creation.

Right under Creation, see LIGHT…pure vibration, pure frequency resonating at a very rapid rate, as fast as you can imagine. Rising and falling, rising and falling so fast you only see the light, not the movement itself.

And now, right under that level, see the color RED. See how the light is transforming, transmuting into a color, in this case the color red. See this color as a frequency of light, as being “born” of the light.

Now see and hear a SOUND. This is the sound of the light, of the color red and the sound of creation. Let this sound fill your entire body with its music.

And now with a very strong intention, focus on the area at the root of your spine: the seat of creation within your own body. Feel the Essence of Creation vibrating in your body, see the color red, listen to the sound that is present there.

And now, here’s the big step:

Try and hold ALL of these elements together in your mind at the same time, as a string starting with the Essence of Creation. Then descend in this order: the light and its frequency, the color red, the sound of Creation. Finally, see the Essence of Creation as it manifests itself in your very own body.

When you can see this entire structure, you are looking at a “string.” A string of energy, of frequency, of vibration. This incredible vision is in fact, not just a vision but an actual physical phenomena. The string exists. There is a direct relationship, a line of descending energy from the function of the Essence of Creation, into light, into color, into sound and finally coming into your body. Amazing! We see here how an essence creates light, is light, is color, is sound and becomes part of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Once you experience this particular string you can go further in this work. These strings are everywhere. You can begin to adjust your vision to “see” reality in terms of strings and stacks of frequency and vibration. This is a game changing perspective and opens the portals to the higher realms of perception, wisdom and practice, leading to the Joy of Integration and the Essence of Interconnection.


String Theory…the Science of Sound and the wisdom of true Creation.

There is great joy here, great freedom. Liberation. Why? Because it is actually true.

There really is the Essence of Creation. That essence really is a frequency and transforms into light. The light of that essence really does transform into a color and then into a sound, and a rate of vibration. A NOTE. And that entire energetic string really and truly does manifest itself in your body. Indeed, we might even say it CREATES your body.

And finally, elegantly and powerfully that essence fills your body, mind, and spirit with the power of Creation itself, playing the song of regeneration and filling your being with its essence:

Transforming…generating…healing. Creating…Incarnating…Integrating.

The ancients knew this. Our ancestors held this vision within their consciousness, their bodies, and their minds. Their cultures all resonated with the beauty of the strings of harmony and creative power. Today, sadly, we have lost this vision and we need to get it back. The vision of how things are interconnected through frequency, sound, color and light is a necessary piece of a large practice that needs to once again become part of the fabric of our very being. Our thoughts, our choices and the actions we take all need to be in resonance with the true beauty of this incredible, natural structure. By embracing this vision of reality and its nature, its essence and its function at an individual and then at a collective level, we can begin to heal ourselves and this beautiful planet we call home.

Big stuff, I know. And the work is truly there to do. The knowledge and the vision is within you.

IT’S ALREADY THERE. Please sit with this for a few moments…let the knowledge sink in. And now, let me tell you something: Unity is BIG, very, very BIG. In the end, all of these Essences work together to create a unified whole. Holding the form of unification, integration and interconnection is one of the hardest things that the human consciousness can do.

I promise you this: you can handle it. You really can. Choose to hold the form of Unity, of Interconnection. Happily, lovingly, choose to let this form come forward: Make the choice to rejoice! Rejoice in the experience and fulfillment of the Creative, Integrative Whole, the presence of YOU…your Essential Self…and revel in your awesome power of creative, enlightened choice. I can…and I do! You know what? You can too…

May you have True Peace my friends….True Fulfillment…True Liberation…d.

David Ison,
internationally recognized composer, contemporary spiritual teacher, author, sound designer and radio host has released over 40 sound healing programs. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, modern scientific understanding, and his own personal path. David’s music has been extensively researched. In 1999 the National Institutes of Health published a three year study which clinically demonstrated his music’s capability to bring about powerful physiological, emotional and spiritually transformational effects. A master of the ancient arts of proportion, creativity and harmony, David’s music delivers what he calls the “direct experience” of the sacred proportions themselves, creating powerful, transcendent and beautiful music that opens the portals to the higher realms and bring listeners into direct contact with their Essential Selves.

David Ison
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