Peace on Earth Begins with Peaceful Birth!

Television and movies often depict childbirth as a medical emergency with a flurry of confusion, panic and fear, an ineffective birth partner, and a suffering woman screaming and writhing in pain.

What if birth could be easier, more comfortable, empowering, and blissful instead? Babies are imprinted by their birth experience on a deep subconscious level. How we begin life sets the stage for how we interact with the world. Just imagine what this planet could be like, if more babies started their journey on Earth from a place of calm, peace, comfort, and joy.

Hypnosis training for childbirth is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective ways to achieve a more comfortable, easier, faster and safer birth for both Mom and baby. Hypnosis has been used for birth for hundreds of years. It is safe, 100% natural, and does not have any unpleasant side effects. Research has shown that women who use hypnosis use little or no medication, have fewer complications, and therefore, reduce the need for medical interventions. Babies are calmer, more alert and ready to bond, and have higher Apgar scores. In addition to these documented benefits, many of my clients who use hypnosis for birth have little or no pain, report greater confidence and preparedness, feel empowered, and have an overall sense of satisfaction about their birth experience.

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, where the mind is focused, and the subconscious is accessible. Childbirth is directed by the subconscious mind and is influenced through programming and instincts. Healthcare practitioners often report that laboring women can experience a phenomenon known as the Fear-Tension-Pain (FTP) cycle. Fear causes tension in the body and tense muscles lead to pain, increased pain leads to more fear, and the cycle continues and escalates. Fear can stall or stop labor too. By using hypnosis, women can break the FTP cycle and more effectively and efficiently work with the energy of birth.

Hypnosis enables the mother to remain focused and calm, allow her body to move through contractions without resistance, release endorphins and oxytocin—hormones that have euphoric and analgesic effects—into the blood stream, progress more quickly and easily, and stay more in control of the process. Because a baby in the womb cannot differentiate between “Mom and me” and shares the same blood supply with Mom through the placenta, the baby’s nervous system is impacted by the emotions, hormones and chemicals their mother experiences. If Mom is feeling calm, safe, peaceful and relaxed, her baby is experiencing that too.

While the use of hypnosis does not eliminate the possibility of the use of medication or medical intervention such as cesarean section, women trained in hypnosis tend to need less medication and have the skills to assist their bodies to heal more quickly from surgery. There are many advantages to having and using hypnosis skills post-partum. Moms can speed their recovery, decrease “baby blues,” improve their breast feeding experience, conserve energy, and make up for lost sleep (five minutes of deep hypnotic relaxation provides many of the same benefits as an hour of sleep). Also, clients report that by continuing to use their self-hypnosis skills regularly, they are more present with their child(ren) and can parent more effectively.

I recommend birth hypnosis training take place during the third trimester of pregnancy, ideally in the seventh/eighth month to allow plenty of time to attend the classes and practice the skills so that they become automatic. Birth partners should attend the training with the expectant mother in order to know how to confidently fill that important supportive role. Couples who have attended my classes often tell me that sharing the training together deepens and improves their relationship as well.

Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and can be applied in a variety of ways throughout a lifetime. Creating a peaceful birth is just the beginning.

Jeni Miller is a Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist and childbirth hypnosis educator. Her clients achieve radiant, vibrant health through mind, body, Spirit integration. To find out more about Jeni’s Blissborn childbirth hypnosis classes, call her at 360-647-3726. Visit to receive a free Joyful Pregnancy MP3.