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Hey, Lissa here!  I am the graphic designer they were talking about.  I earned my degree in Visual Communications: Graphic Design at Whatcom where I also did an internship.  Since then I have worked at a screen printing and a sign shop where I work with design every day.

I created some of the design for the Muse and I am offering my services to you as well!  I am only asking $25 for the first hour and an additional $20 per hour if it goes passed that hour.  Feel free to contact me to get an estimate.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!   |   360.420.4950

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  1. Hello, my name is Orion, and I’m friends with Kerri. I work with my father, John Lackey who directs a private school in the Bellingham area called The ALC & Independence High School. Our school’s philosophy revolves around independent learning in an unschooling, “free range” fashion. We are non-attendance based and recognize/encouraged learning outside the classroom allowing students to design their own classes with help, resources and guidance from a teacher/learning coach. We are interested in connecting with the Bellingham Muse with at least an advertisement, but we are also interested in being in a featured article. We have a lot to say about unschooling, and would love to share it with our community and spread awareness about the option to be in our school.

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