What is Bellingham Muse?

Bellingham Muse is a local newspaper and website.  Both aim to share quality articles meant to inspire your mind, body and spirit.  The newspaper is distributed in Bellingham, WA, and has a local focus highlighting people, places and groups within the community that in some way contribute in offering paths of happiness and wellbeing.  The website reaches beyond our local community to help inspire people around the world!  Plus the website stays updated with current event listings and added articles/interviews.


Are there tips for navigating the website?

Yes, along the menu bar at the top of the page are tabs to help link you to the areas you may be interested in:

  •  Home:  This tab links you to our most current blog from the editors of Bellingham Muse (Kerri and Alana).
  • Inspiring Articles:  This tab links you to all of the most current edition’s articles. They are also further broken down into Mind, Body and Spirit catagories.  After that lists our regular columns.
    •  Mind:  Within this tab are the current articles meant to stimulate your mind.
    •  Body:  Go here to find information that can affect your body or how you feel within your body.
    • Spirit:  To have your spirit lifted and awakened visit this tab.
  • About Us:  Tells you a little more in depth about Bellingham Muse and who we are.  You can also find out more about the individual authors in this tab.
  • Events:  Here you will find a current list of local inspiring events within the Bellingham community.
  • Contact Us:  Use this tab to get in touch with us regarding general questions, or to peruse questions commonly asked.  This is also an area to find out more about advertising with us!
  • This ‘n’ That:  We like to offer areas that don’t always fall into a particular category.  Check here for pieces such as Recipes and Horoscopes.
  • Distribution:  Click here find a full list of where you can find a hardcopy of our paper.
  • Inspiring the Muse:  Some fun tabs can be found here including Bellingham Confessions and Letters from our Readers.

Along the right hand side of the screen you can jump to key articles, see a scrolling list of our amazing sponsors, access archived articles, and more….


How can I advertise with Bellingham Muse?

Several ways!  Start by going to Contact Us  which will lead you to our advertising information page.  There is an online contact area to fill out which is sent to us and then we will contact you shortly to discuss more details.  You can also feel free to bypass this and call or email us directly.


What if I need help with creating my ad?

We have an in-house graphic design artist, Lissa Clear, that can quickly create a beautiful ad for you for an incredibly reasonable rate.  Find more information here.


Where can I find a print copy of the newspaper?

Current and past editions can be picked up at our office.  We are located at Inspiration Alley, 1121 N. State St. (in the alley next to the Farmer’s Market). There are several copies located throughout Bellingham.  Visit our distribution page to see a list of places and businesses that have hard copies of Bellingham Muse.

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