John Rosenbaum

March 15, 2015 kerri 0

John discusses finding meaning in life. His journey includes rejecting religion, crystal meth, finding religion again, and a university degree in philosophy. [youtube=]

Colleen Haggerty

November 17, 2014 kerri 0

Colleen is an Author and a coach. She talks about the challenges of losing a leg at the age of 18 and her new book […]

Ellen Murphy

October 13, 2014 kerri 2

Ellen Murphy is a graceful woman who embodies mutual respect and is brave enough to lead her life by example. She has dedicated her life […]

Sher Vadinska

August 26, 2014 kerri 0

Sher Vadinska is a Bellingham resident. — Author, Singer Songwriter, Extreme Cyclist and a Minimalist. She discusses her book, a 2000 mile bike journey and […]