A Letter From the Publishers March 2014

It hasn’t been long since we planted this seed called the Bellingham Muse. We are already seeing signs of sprouts emerging and this is due to you! Our new readers are taking interest, sharing their findings, and watering us with support in our endeavor. We are absorbing what a wonderful community we live in with all its diverse ideas and offerings; this is what we love about Bellingham. We are all here to take care of one another, how comforting a feeling that is.

What an exciting issue this 3rd edition of the Bellingham Muse was to work on! To start, we grew from 12 pages to 16 pages which means more room for intriguing articles to move or maybe even motivate you in some way. Take the article Community As Medicine for example, and use it to create some Social Capital for yourself, or be inspired to work on balancing your Chakras with learning about The Chakra System.

Another reason for expanding involves new sections in the paper. See if you recognize anyone from the photos displayed in the new section, Inspiring the Muse; reveal or confirm a life answer by submitting a question to Sungoddess Ashley’s column, Is It In The Cards. We also added a quick reference Directory to some talented and gifted professionals in our community that you may not know of.

We encourage you to visit our website frequently as we will be updating and adding content regularly. Information available on the website that you will not find in the paper includes but is not limited to:
*Updated calendar of events (Have an event you want listed? Add it on the website!)
*Links to podcasts and videos
*Special guest interviews
*Sign up for the e-version
*Input from our readers! (We would like to hear from our readers and invite you to share your own thoughts on your spiritual journey and anything that inspires the mind, body or spirit. )

A big heart felt thank you to all our wonderful contributors!

Thanks for letting the Muse inspire you.
-Kerri & Alana


  1. hi Kerri and Alana,
    it was great meeting you at BIONS last night. I sent Tod Fiscus an email to see if he could hold his class in Bellingham. I am hoping he can. Are you all thinking of taking it? thank you for the Muse. I just read thru it this morning. Great paper! I wanted to let you all know I do a free matrix energetics session for everyone on our email list each week. you can sign up on our website or just email me and I can put you on it. thanks again for such a warm welcome to Bellingham. I am excited to be here. Ralph Havens If you’re interested here is my wife and my vision of what we’re up to so far! http://missionhillspt.com/our-vision-ralph-jens-healing-transformation-space/

    • It was great to meet you as well, Ralph. Welcome to Bellingham! We are glad you enjoyed our paper and found our website. We will be in touch and look forward to our next encounter. Enjoy your runs in Whatcom Falls park!
      Alana and Kerri

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