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Getting Grounded

March 18, 2015 kerri 0

Twice in one week recently I had clients ask me the question, “What does it mean to be grounded, and how do I ground myself?”  […]

Can I Trust Myself?

March 18, 2015 kerri 0

A rather stubborn and opinionated friend of mine recently gave me pause to contemplate how much faith I should have in my own cognitive abilities. […]

A Reliable Butterfly Reality

March 18, 2015 kerri 0

(A Kundalini Teaching)     by chrism Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression.  The […]

John Rosenbaum

March 15, 2015 kerri 0

John discusses finding meaning in life. His journey includes rejecting religion, crystal meth, finding religion again, and a university degree in philosophy. [youtube=]