The Stars Smile On Us

By Laya Shriaberg

Spring is the time for feeling happy, reaching up to the stars and remembering our dreams. We have done this for millennia. As the sun begins warming our bodies, and the gentle breezes caress our skin, we are spurred once again to dream of our future.

What are your dreams for the rest of the year? Springtime is the time to be bold, to sow your wild oats, to take action on something you have never done before. To dare to be seen. To dare to feel yourself standing your ground, walking your path, celebrating the sunrise and striding into the sunset.

The Beginning of Recorded Astrology
Imagine living in Mesopotamia some 6000 years ago. We have recently settled the fertile land between two teaming rivers. Our kings are fairly governing us. In the temple, our priests are petitioning the gods with heartfelt prayers for fertility. The temple marks the center of our world. The east and west horizons set the boundaries of our lives. We are at peace. We know that we belong the land and our community. There is so much promise and so much to learn about the tilling of the land and living together.

The stars in the night time sky absolutely fascinate the priests who begin to record what they see: mysterious twinklings, little lights traveling across the sky and still more little lights standing still. To us, the moon, the sun and the wanderers (the original word for the planets)and their cycles are the gods themselves speaking to us! Soon, this new recorded language of the stars evolves into the art and science of astrology. This language helps the priests forecast our feelings and experiences. By around 400BC, this new star language can describe the personality, character even the destiny of a newborn child.

The Stars Smile on Us
Have the stars ever talked to you? I mean, have they ever really affected how you felt? Have they ever radically changed your grand philosophy of the world? I remember a few times when the stars have deeply moved me, even as a child. I’ll mention a few of these incidences here to maybe jog your own memories.

As a girl I remember staring out of my bedroom window late at night as my parents are assuming I am fast asleep. The stars are twinkling at me from above. They are playful fun friends who wink at me and speak to me in a secret language all of their own.

Twenty years later, I am already an astrologer and bushwhacking up a steep mountain slope in the wilderness. We arrive at the top of the mountain. We are at the top of the world! The sun has already set and we savor some warm soup before burrowing into our sleeping bags. As I gaze into the night sky, I am awestruck by the pirouetting star showers and the misty veils of the Aurora Borealis arching over the skies. I am strangely at home and deeply at peace here, in this place where the earth meets the sky.

Five years after that, I am camping out in a country parking lot at a bluegrass festival. It is 3am and the banjos and mandolins are a jammin’ away with the singers and the bass players. As I stroll the grounds and gaze up at the clear night sky, my heart stirs with gratitude and I pen my first poem.

The singers were as children
in a playground.
And the stars
smile on them.

Still 5 years after that, it is evening on a Gulf Island off the coast of British Columbia. I meander out of a sweat lodge then back to my sleeping bag on the deck of my friend’s cabin. I lay down and look up. With utter velocity, I am transported upward into a vast colony of stars. I know in my bones that these starry colonies is my irrevocable home away from home. I belong both to this earth AND to the universal world of the stars.

The starry patterns at the time of your birth can reveal the deep dark mysteries of who you are and why you have chosen to incarnate upon this earth at this time. Next time you have a chance, gaze deeply and silently into the night’s sky. Do you feel your dreams moving in your body? Is the truth of the stars unravelling in your life? Now, take a slow breath, remember your magnificence, and take one humble yet firm step forward into your life!

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Laya Shriaberg has been an astrologer for 40 years. Her perspective is one of expansive wonder coupled with a deep determination to paint for you a detailed picture of why you chose to incarnate, your strengths and weaknesses, and what unique gifts you have to offer others in this lifetime.

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