The Magician

By Chad Saunders

The Fool has decided that he must focus on the future. He knows that he has trials to overcome, but he can’t foresee what come, so he travels. With no destination in mind just letting the road lead where it may.

Leaving the sea cliffs behind, the Fool travels without rest. Weary from his travels he comes upon a man at a crossroads who is surrounded by roses and lilies that are growing out of season. The flowers are well tended and give order to the wild land. In front of the man is a table with a sword, a coin, a chalice, and a staff.

“You have traveled far and are tired. Sit and we can talk.” The man says.

“Who are you and what are these objects?” Asks the Fool. He sits in the offered chair across from the man.

“I am the Magician, and I have been waiting for you. Depending on where you decide to go, one of these objects can help you.” The Magician goes on to explain that the Fool has traveled too long without a focus. He must now decide what it is he wants. If he wants to start a family he then the chalice can help him find his lady love. To build his fortune he will need many coins. If he desires merely for the simple life of hard work he only needs to take up the staff. His character and strength of being will be tested if he chooses the sword.

The fool looking over the objects picks up the sword and he sees himself traveling with the wind at his back. He must take up a life of duty and responsibility. Fighting not only in the wars of nations but also within himself. He knows that he can rise above and help if only he is strong enough, and there will be many who will wait for him to fall.

The Fool puts down the sword unsure of what he has seen and picks up the coin. The land spreads out before him and he is able to grow his wealth, trading his goods where they are needed. He builds a house and it grows becoming more to him, his home. There will be those who will want his wealth but as he will need help in the beginning, he can be there to help them grow.
The coin becomes heavy from the responsibility so the Fool sets it aside and takes up the staff. He sits before a fire knowing he has worked an honest day. He works the fields and the land around him grows. As he takes care of the land, he is taken care of in return. It is a simple life following the orders of another so the land can grow and become prosperous.

Setting the staff aside the Fool looks upon the Chalice. What will he see? Curious he picks it up as if to drink. He sees himself traveling the cliffs he has just left with the ocean to his side, beside him is a woman. He has never seen her before but he knows everything about her as she knows everything about him. He smiles at the children she has given him, and he sees their children after them. He sees the line of is family grow and he is proud, sad and hopeful for each of them. And the Fool sets aside the chalice.

“None of these paths will be easy. What is it that you want to achieve? Your intuition is strong; it has brought you to me. I am willing to help you onto the next stage of your life. Where will you go, what path do you choose?”
The Fool looks down at the objects before him, standing up reaches out his hand looking forward to what lies ahead.

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