The High Priestess

By Chad Saunders

Without a plan the fool travels in his confidence. He travels on thinking about the things that he has seen and experienced, confident with his chosen destination and what he still has to accomplish. His journey brings him along a wide river that is full of the sounds of life.

At dusk the Fool sees a woman sitting with her back to the river. The woman is sitting between two pillars on black and one white with a tapestry of palm leaves and pomegranates. She wears blue robes with a large cross necklace. Upon her head she wears a crown of two crescent horns with a disc between them and at her feet is a crescent moon at her feet. In her lap she holds a scroll of Tora.

“Come child, I am the High Priestess of the divine. We have much to discuss.” The woman gestures at her feet with the scroll. “You travel believing that now that you have chosen your path that you will achieve greatness. Do you know how you will get there? Do you know what you must do to achieve your goal? I am a priestess of the Divine, giver of life and esoteric knowledge. Will you allow me to help and teach you?”
“What can you teach me? I will follow my path and accept the challenges it brings. At the end I shall accept the rewards I so richly deserve.” The fool says.

“You have chosen your path but do you know where truly leads? You must grow beyond who you are now if you are to follow the path to its final destination. You don’t have the knowledge or the foresight to succeed. As you are now you will lose your way. You have confidence but no understanding of the world or what may lie beyond.”

“I shall stay the night, and we can talk. In the morning I shall have to be on my way.”

“That is acceptable.” The Priestess responds smiling.

The Fool stays for much longer than just one night. Over time he learns about himself and the world. His understanding and senses of the world grow. How could he believe the way he did? He must stay and learn how to overcome base instinct and to trust what they tell him. He grows to understand that he is loved even if he cannot see those that look watch and help him. He understands that his goal isn’t just a path he must walk but a journey that must be experienced and lived.

The Fool stays with the High Priestess and learns.

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