The High Priest

Early in the morning the Fool leaves the home of the Emperor. The Fool understood now the power and loyalty the ruler had for his people. He must watch over those under his rule but not overly dictate their lives. As a father watches over his son, he must guide the child in such a way that he grows into what he believes is a good and productive person. As a parent he must also punish the child that strays too far from the righteous path. So the Fool continues to grow and follow his path.

Not far from the home of the Emperor the Fool hears the bells of a great church. Having learned of that there are greater mysteries than he could have imagined, the Fool decides to investigate. The church is a grand building reaching to the sky with its doors open to all.

Inside, the feel of benevolent power pulls at the Fool to a man seated on a dais. Below the dais off to the sides, two monks bow in quiet contemplation, one on each side. Before the seated priest are seven keys that glow with a holy light. The man, in robes of white and gold, wears a three tiered crown and holds a great scepter. Two pillars behind him have carvings depicting the greatness of heaven and the punishments of hell.

The man leans forward in openness and holds up his hand with two fingers up to heaven and two fingers pointed to earth. “Greetings child and blessings, I am the High Priest of this land. How may I ease your conscious? The Lord has blessed me with task of forgiving the sins of those that are looking for it.”

“I was travelling not far from here when I heard the bells of your church. I am a simple man with simple ambitions, if I have committed any sins while upon my path then I pray I can be forgiven for my ignorance.”

“Come forward child and let us talk.”

The High Priest listened as the Fool spoke of his journey from home mentioning the things that he has seen and those he has met. The Priest spoke of the scriptures and following the Lord all can be forgiven, he spoke of free will, sin and the punishment that awaits those that follow only base desires. The Priest was receptive to all the things they talked about and was able to give advice and wisdom. He sits upon his dais a man upon the earth a gateway to heaven to those that desire His wisdom.

At the end of their conversation the High Priest smiled down upon the Fool and said “All paths lead to the Lord. As long as you have an open heart and ask forgiveness He will welcome you with open arms and blessings.”

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