The Chakra System: 2nd Chakra (part 2 of 7)

By Kerri Burnside

Svadhishthana, the 2nd chakra (also known as the sacral chakra) is located below the navel and is your center of creativity, pure emotions and sexual energy. It balances the free giving and receiving of feelings and emotions. Our gut instincts can be felt here and emotionally it governs our sense of monetary security (or abundance), well being, and our sexuality.

In Balance: When this chakra is in balance you will find that it is easy to fully feel and share your emotions with others and yourself. You are creative, abundant and happily connected to life. Ideally this chakra brings us depth of feeling, connection with others emotionally and ownership of the sexual self. Someone with a balanced 2nd chakra is considerate, open, friendly, kind, creative and abundant.

Out of Balance: When this chakra is out of balance or blocked people become unsure or unstable in sexual and emotional matters. It is difficult to be in touch with our true feelings and we may be unable to express emotions to others. We may experience difficulties knowing when to trust or mistrust. It is not always clear when to feel fear and when not to. There can be addictive behaviors, depression, sexual guilt and a tendency towards being controlled by others emotionally. It can also create a sense of being stuck in an undesirable situation.

Physical manifestations can include: chronic spinal problems, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, rectal tumors/cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and skin problems.

Exercise for bringing balance and clearing the 2nd chakra:
Allow your emotions to be felt. Most of the blocks occur from not being in touch with your emotions or allowing yourself to feel the ones that may be uncomfortable or socially unacceptable. The following steps can be beneficial.
1. Name it.
What are you feeling? Anger, sadness, jealously etc.
2. Feel it.
Move from thinking about the emotion to feeling it. Where do you feel it in your body? Allow yourself to fully feel it for at least 5 seconds without any thoughts or judgment.
3. Release it.
Imagine that you move the emotion up into your heart and release it as you exhale.


Associated body parts: Reproductive organs, kidney, bladder, lower back, pelvic area, sperm, and all liquids and fluids of the body.
Symbol: 6-petaled lotus.
Color: Orange
Balancing color: Blue
Mantra and tone: Vam, D
Essential oils: Sandalwood, petitgrain, ylang ylang
Gemstone: Moonstone, carnelian, tourmaline, orange calcite, bloodstone.

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