The Ascended Masters And Archangels – A Resource To Remember

By Jacquie Fruttero

The Ascended Masters and Archangels are Higher Beings of Light that make themselves available to everyone.  They are a community of teachers from various backgrounds who have come together to be of service to the planet, the animals, and the people.  They are always present and waiting for us to remember to call on them for support, guidance, clarity, healing, and much more.

 However, we have become so busy in our day to day life that we forget to reach out and connect with this supportive community.  Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Djwhal Khul, Buddha, St. Germaine, Master Kuthumi, Master El Morya, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and others are available and only a request away.  Whomever you choose to connect with, that Higher Being of Light is wanting to create a relationship with you.  They want to help you be the best that you can be.

You can begin to connect with them through meditation, prayer, and the use of spiritual tools and practices.  I recommend that you check in to see which Higher Being of Light resonates with you and begin connecting with them first. The Ascended Masters and Archangels have different areas of expertise.

Mother Mary and Kuan Yin can help you heal matters of the heart and work with your inner children.  Buddha and Christ can help you with your growth process and spiritual awakening.  Djwhal Khul performs psychic surgery on animals and individuals.  Archangel Michael is great to call on for protection and clearing of any negative energies.  Archangel Raphael can heal and clear emotional toxicity from people, animals, and places with his green flame.  Master Kuthumi can assist you in searching the root source lifetime in your Akashic Records for something that occurred, so you can heal the past in present time.

Master El Morya can help you work on big projects world-wide.

Who do you choose to connect with first? I chose Master Djwhal Khul and Archangel Michael when I first started my healing journey 5 years ago.  Djwhal is my healing guide.  I call on him throughout the day to help me heal, clear, and release whatever gets triggered in me.  I also work with him to align with my intentions for what I want to create and manifest in my life.  I work with Archangel Michael to build and maintain my sacred space and grounding on a daily basis.  During the time I have been working with them, I have created a strong relationship with all of the Ascended Masters and Archangels.  I call on them for each healing session I perform on animals and individuals.  They bring in their light, love, support, and healing energy to align with the client’s commitment for healing and growth.

During a healing session, individuals usually experience the presence of the Ascended Masters and Archangels. They typically feel warmth, pulsing, tingling, waves of energy, old emotions coming up to be released, and sometimes a slight bit of pain when something is changing or healing from the physical body.

Additionally, if the individual is interested, I teach them spiritual tools and practices which allow them to facilitate things like self healing, connecting with their Higher Self, learning how to use their soul’s energy to manifest and create their life, creating and maintaining a sacred space, psychic protection, and much more.  I also encourage each person to connect with their own healing guide and begin building a relationship with them.  Many of my clients are enjoying their new found spiritual support team.

Are you ready to meet and work with your spiritual support team?We are spiritual beings having a human experience, but it doesn’t hurt to have a community of Higher Beings of Light in our corner!  Reach out today, they are waiting to hear from YOU!

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