“Quakers, Drugs and Cops”

Back in the 1800’s, the Quakers had a 50% recovery rate for their mentally ill brothers and sisters. Their “magic formula” was purely low-tech: it meant providing them with a warm, safe, comfortable place to live where they were treated with nutritious food, courtesy, and respect. This is just the opposite of how mentally ill people are treated today. It’s no wonder our current recovery rate is 0.0005%.

We used to have enough psychiatric hospitals to treat the mentally ill but most were shut down by President Reagan in an effort to save money. So, today, without the Quakers and with few hospitals to care for the mentally ill, most of these unfortunate individuals are homeless. They’re living on the streets, in public parks, or out in the woods. Some are treated in our current type of psychiatric hospital which is not really a hospital, it’s more like a gas station. People go there to be filled up with antipsychotic drugs and are then sent on their way. If they have no home to go back to, they are sent by taxi and dumped in a nearby town to fend for themselves.

So then what? Do they magically get well? Do they live happily ever-after out in the woods or sleeping on the sidewalk? No, of course not. We have simply put the police in charge of them. If you ask any police officer, I’m sure he or she will tell you that they deal with mentally ill people day in and day out.

To quote my friend, Victoria, who is just as fed up with America’s failed drug approach in mental health care as I am:

Law enforcement and the public at-large are increasingly becoming the targets of those whose failed medical treatments have backfired….and now, with their chemicals all askew, these suffering people see things in a distorted manner. Their pain and sense of revenge are so great that Law Enforcement is rapidly becoming those out front in the fighting trenches; they are ready targets of unstoppable anger! Law Enforcement and the public: we are all ready targets. This is just getting bloodier and more tragic by the day.

Our police and correctional officers deserve better! They should be doing what they most likely signed up for: protecting us from the bad guys and chasing down speeders. Instead, they are forced into being our de-facto psychiatrists and social workers. It’s not fair to them; it’s not fair to mentally ill people; it’s not fair to communities; and it’s not fair to taxpayers who are footing the bill.

Clearly, America’s mental health care is a mess! But it’s a solvable mess. We just need to analyze the facts and change course. You see, the drug approach doesn’t work because these drugs are man-made. It’s an unnatural, synthetic approach while the human body is an all-natural, biochemical being. All plants and animals (and that includes humans) are low-tech. We need vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega fats, proteins and other natural substances in order to function the way Mother Nature designed us to function. We don’t have a chemistry, we have a biochemistry. Synthetic drugs are junk compared to the effectiveness of the right natural substances.

For over half a century, scientists have known how to restore people’s mental health. It’s called “Orthomolecular Medicine,” which means correcting one’s biochemistry with substances normally present in the body. I treated my own “incurably” psychotic family member with it. That was 8 years ago and he’s been well ever since, 100% free of psychiatrists and their miserable, liver-destroying drugs.

I wish everyone in this country knew about Orthomolecular Medicine. With their mental health restored, people can go back to having a normal life. They don’t have to live in our parks or on the streets because they can usually find a job and pay their own way in life. Since they’re not living on the street, they’re not a problem for the police. If they are already incarcerated, inmates who are treated orthomolecularly are considerably less of a threat to the correctional officers.

It only makes sense to treat the biological causes of mental illness with Orthomolecular Medicine instead of just masking the symptoms with high-tech, patented drugs. These drugs were never designed to cure anyone, just bring in the highest profits. That’s why they’re patented. It’s one of the dark, ugly sides of capitalism, that’s for sure.

I’ve contacted all my elected officials about changing to Orthomolecular mental health care but not one has shown any interest. I believe we need a grass roots effort, including our police and correctional officers, to finally end the problem of mental illness. America deserves mental health care that works.

Linda Van Zandt, M.Ed. is the author of “The Secrets to Real Mental Health: How one family escaped America’s failed, profit-driven system and found care that works: Orthomolecular Medicine (correcting the biochemistry).

For more information visit  SaveOurSanity.net

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