Path of the Fool

The Path of the fool.

The Fool leaves his home with no destination in mind.  On morning he just wakes up and leaves everything he has ever known behind him.  The consequences of his departure never enter his mind, the only thing that he thinks about is that he needs to be somewhere else and this is the day that he must go.

Fool is young and clever.  He has always passed any trials.  He has never had any trouble succeeding at whatever he puts his mind to, knowing that he cannot fail.  He trusts in his ability to overcome.  No one has ever tried to stop him or get in his way so he knows that he can do anything.

The Fool’s dog jumps around nipping his feet.  The dog doesn’t know where they are going, never having travelled this path before, so it dances around looking at everything.  It always comes back to nip at the Fool so he will look at what has been found now.  His senses are alive and traveling with the Fool is a great adventure.

The Fool has left his home with the clothes on his back and those things that have helped him in the past.  His passions and understanding of the world may have the unfocused nature of youth but now the Fool is ready to go out and see what the World has to offer.  He knows that what lies over the mountain is what he desires.  The Fool never seems to take into consideration how tall the mountains are or how long the trail may be.  He just knows that he will arrive soon.  He can see far and he can get there.

The Fool doesn’t watch where he is going.  He has picked a flower and it is one that he has never seen before.  The flower is a thing of beauty with vibrant colors and smells.  With the sun at his back and beauty all around him, he travels onward.

The path has brought him to a cliff.  Far below the fool are the crashing waves of the sea.  His destination can’t be seen from where he is, but he knows that all he needs to do is move onward and he will arrive.

By Chad Saunders

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