Mental Illnesses are Curable, Not With Synthetic Drugs

By Linda Van Zandt, M. Ed.

Psychotropic drugs don’t cure anyone. That’s because they were never designed to cure anyone: they were designed to bring in the highest profits. It all adds up to what has to be America’s ugliest secret: most mental illnesses are curable and have been for the last 60 years.

When my son, “Bob,” became psychotic, it turned into a six-year-long nightmare as we dealt with ambulances and ERs, not to mention all the psychiatrists, social workers, police, lawyers, and judges.

We had to commit Bob twice to psychiatric hospitals. The first time was for ten nights. By the way, the bill was $25,000. The second commitment was for six weeks, followed by several months of court-ordered psychiatrist visits and three daily antipsychotic drugs, each costing about $600 per month, as well as lab tests to measure how much damage these drugs were doing to his liver.

I was told that Bob’s illness was incurable and that he would be on DSHS assistance for the rest of his life. He would be just one more out of millions of mentally ill DSHS clients, all paid for by you, the taxpayers, to the tune of about $2 million each.

“Everybody knows” mental illness is incurable, right? I did my own research and found that we, our whole country, could not be more wrong.

Since the 1950s, scientists who don’t work for drug companies have learned how to cure mental illnesses with a safe, sensible treatment called “Orthomolecular Medicine.” No, this isn’t some expensive, patented product you’re supposed to buy. In fact, there’s nothing proprietary about it. It’s an approach, a way of looking at mental illnesses for what they really are: physical problems which are expressed in psychiatric symptoms. Physical problems can be treated with real medical care. Orthomolecular treatment is real medical care. It is effective, costs pennies compared to the drug approach, and is just plain wonderful.

The term “Orthomolecular,” coined by the late Linus Pauling, PhD, winner of a Nobel Prize for Chemistry (and another for Peace), means something quite simple: correcting your biology and your biochemistry. As your body slowly returns to homeostasis (normalcy) the psychiatric symptoms fade away. Your mental health has been restored.

So, back to Bob.  He has been well for eight years. His symptoms are not being suppressed by drugs because he doesn’t have any symptoms. He leads a good life, 100% free of DSHS, psychiatrists and their liver-destroying drugs. He’s in college. Bob is among the fortunate few in this country treated with orthomolecular medicine.

All the mass gunmen, from Sandy Hook Elementary School, to the theater in Aurora, Colorado, the Virginia Tech campus and others were a product of America’s drug approach to mental illness. Thanks to the profit motive, the U.S. is now more than half a century behind the eight ball in using appropriate mental health care. Unless we change to an effective (orthomolecular) approach, it’s obvious there will be more mass shootings. Every one of us is a sitting duck.

Here is an example of how and why the orthomolecular approach works:

In the 1930s, French scientists discovered that if one’s natural level of histamines goes too high, or too low, he will be mentally ill. American drug companies seized upon this breakthrough to develop psychotropic drugs which hit the market in the 1940s, manufactured for the purpose of artificially suppressing those histamine symptoms.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Sackler brothers, all biochemists who didn’t work for drug companies, continued the histamine research and discovered how to naturally restore them to their rightful level using nutritional medicine, or “nutraceuticals.” These are natural substances the body recognizes and knows how to use. Carl Pfeiffer, MD, in New Jersey, cured thousands of his mental patients by addressing their histamine imbalances. According to orthomolecular experts, an elevated histamine level causes depression and about 20% of all cases of schizophrenia, psychosis, and schizo-affective (or schizoid) disorder while low histamines are the biological cause of about 30% of these disorders. So, one’s natural histamine level is extremely important.

How do you determine if your mental problems are due to histamines that are out of range? You ask your family doctor or naturopath to order a blood test. The last one I paid for was $41. The nutraceuticals used in treatment are commonly found at most any health food store. Since they’re natural, they cannot be patented. See what I mean about orthomolecular medicine not being proprietary? Other biological causes have been found, too.

Orthomolecular Medicine is an integrative approach so psychotropic drugs are sometimes used. For example, if one doesn’t use orthomolecular treatment early enough and becomes psychotic, one may need to be stabilized with synthetic drugs. The difference is that the person isn’t left on those drugs forever. Orthomolecular treatment is begun while one is taking the drugs and in most cases, if the illness is caught early enough, the person is slowly weaned off those drugs and onto solely orthomolecular treatment.

A couple of warnings here, though:

A) if someone is in danger to himself or others he must, by state law, take psychotropic drugs; and

B) the histamines must be measured appropriately, for example, not with nanomols.

Let’s begin right here in Bellingham to help people truly recover from their depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, ADHD, and all the other labels thrown at them so that we can have a healthier community—and avoid our own massacre by a mentally ill gunman. DSHS also needs to get on board and provide appropriate mental health care. The earlier one is treated, the greater the odds of making a complete recovery.

Not just Bellinghamsters, but all Americans and everyone else deserves to know the truth: mental illness is a solvable problem—just, as I said, not with patented, synthetic drugs.

For more information, please visit and read The Secrets to Real Mental Health.

By Linda Van Zandt, M. Ed – Linda is the author of the book “The Secrets to Real Mental Health”

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