Making Room For Happiness

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Your house can be beautiful, clean, organized, warm, and inviting, but it is not a home until those who live there are a happy family. Family means anyone who lives there, including someone who is single with cats or living with a roommate.

As a Color Therapist, you may wonder why I don’t focus on the colors in the home. I could do that. It is important! But, how people feel about themselves and their life can overshadow everything else.

Happiness comes when you are living purposefully and joyfully from your authentic center. You are in this life for a reason. You have skills and abilities that are meant to be shared. When you have cleared away old thoughts, emotions, and habits that keep you stuck, you become more clear about your life direction and you feel better about yourself. This affects you and your family.

Do your thoughts sometimes feel like bees buzzing around in your head? Are you sometimes caught off guard by emotions that are triggered when you least expect it? Do you find yourself stuck in patterns of behavior that don’t get you what you want, but you just seem to fall into the old habit anyway.

Remember that Einstein said, ” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” It can feel like a bit of insanity when you find yourself stuck in ways you recognize, yet don’t seem to know how to change.

When I first became passionate about changing my own patterns, I went to a psychologist to get some help. I learned a lot, but as I looked at the process, I figured it would take me several lifetimes to finish clearing up what kept derailing me.

Later, I discovered that thoughts, emotions, and habits are all energy. The psychologist was having me change patterns through my mind, but that’s where the problem started! Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In fact, I find that solving problems is less about changing the mind and more a matter of changing energy.

Color therapy offers a simple, effect way to change energy. Working with Complementary Colors means you are bringing together a warm color (your human aspect) with a cool color (your spiritual aspect). When you are operating from both the human and spiritual sides of you, your viewpoint changes. For example, you have a family member that pops into anger that seems out of place or out of control. This could be the color red. When the vibration of red is stuck, you can experience anger on a scale from frustration to rage depending on the source of the anger. Bringing red together with its complement green allows the heart to open. A person then can step back, observe what is really going on, and see that his response is way beyond what just happened. Sometimes that leads to remembering an incident earlier in life that caused the anger. This in itself may dissolve the anger. Other times, one needs to go deeper.

My point is that a happy family comes when those in the family have been willing to see where they are stuck and then seek help dissolving the energy that has shown up as thoughts, emotions, or habits. Color therapy is one way to address stuck energy. I like it because it’s easy and sometimes almost playful, even though what you are doing is quite serious.

Perhaps you are the only one in your family willing to look at stuck places. That’s okay. The only person you can change is you anyway. It’s quite interesting to see that when one person changes, it shakes up the norm. At first, this may cause discomfort and probably some anger in others, but ultimately it can create all kinds of shifts in family patterns. Changing because you think it will change someone else is not a good reason to shift, but you can change and then notice what happens. It can be quite surprising!

You can start your own process by noticing what feels uncomfortable in you. Sometimes that shows up in physical discomfort or sometimes you just know something isn’t right. That’s the time to take action.

If you have noticed patterns in yourself that just don’t fit who you are, consider contacting a color therapist for help. I suspect you will be amazed at how fast and simple change can be when color vibrations are working with you and through you!

By Arlene Arnold

Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator (1995 )and Color Therapy Expert. She is founder of Complementary Color Therapy, a method of changing lives through the power of color. Her color therapy school is training practitioners around the world. She is on a mission to develop easy, effective tools using the power of color that allow people to release old patterns that keep them stuck, so they can move forward as the brilliant light of their inner truth.

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