Love the One You’re With

The 60’s had a slogan that makes me smile: “Love the One You’re With”.

Well, I’d like to take a different slant on that slogan.

Everyone who talks about gratitude speaks about being grateful for everything you encounter, going even as far as being grateful for your life lessons (UGH, do we have to?).

This means being grateful for the little things; like the deer that I see on my walks, a child’s smile, the quality lifestyle that I get to live, for the 2 eagles that flew above my friend and my heads, when we were discussing Inspiration Alley, etc, etc.

In that context, I’m a pretty grateful girl (teaching my clients ways of increasing abundance through gratitude, means I’d better be better at it, too, right?!).

Recently, though, I was made aware of another form of gratitude. Was I being grateful for myself, my gifts and being a great “instrument”? Was I “Loving the One I was with”? – Me.

Most Caregivers are very good at being “Givers”, but are we as good at appreciating ourselves, what gifts we have and what we do? This is a major problem for “Givers”. It’s seems to be ok to give to others but not ok to receive love from ourselves?

What’s wrong with this picture?!

This is a major issue for most of my clients who are therapists, practitioners, health care providers and public servers. With these clients, I often hear the words “job burnout”. That they are working too many hours and settling in lackluster careers that no longer inspire them because they are being noble, being of service to others.

But, I say to them, What About YOU?

• Are you giving Yourself the same self-care that you are giving others?

• Are you filling Your Own Vessel so that you have more to give from “full” instead of giving from “empty”?

• Are you thanking yourself daily for the wonderful efforts that you give to others and appreciate how good you are as a “Giver”.

Many people tell me that they believe to appreciate themselves and their “gifts” would be “selfish”. So, for them, if they were to give gratitude to themselves and their service to others, they would consider that idea “selfish” instead of being appreciative of the “gift” of who they are and what they give to themselves and others.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate for Community Service and self-less giving. It just plain works. But service only, without self-appreciation can be empty, and a form of ego (false humility).

On airplanes, the flight attendant says, “put the oxygen on yourself, the parent, before putting it on your child”. The reason for this is that you will have the ability to take care of your child, if, you put the oxygen on yourself first. This week, when I mentioned this idea, to a woman I met, she was horrified and adamant that she would NEVER put the oxygen on herself first, because she loved her child. (Did this mean that she loved her child, but not herself?).

Why Not do Self-Care 1st and THEN Give? Why not “Feed the Vehicle that Serves Others” and Then Give from a Fulfilled Space, as opposed to feeling “Fried” from not appreciating yourself?

Why not, “Love the One You’re With – YOU?

Wenty Hill has had 30 years’ experience on TV, Radio and News with 1,000’s of courses in the fields of Success, Manifestation, Business, Relationship, Matchmaking, Quantum Physics, etc. focused on her worldwide client’s needs. Her clients call her their “Professional Fairy Godmother”, for their “Dreams Come True” both Personally and Professionally. Contact Wenty Today at: (360) 384-2916.

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