Living with Joy Workshop

imagesNY4N6C0TLiving With Joy Workshop

with Kerri Burnside
Co-publisher of the Bellingham Muse



This is an eight week class which works through Sanaya Roman’s fist book in her Earth Life Series, “Living with Joy.” It is a wonderful series for spiritual growth and is a good fit for those who are on a path of self discovery.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Open your heart
  • Create what you want with out struggle
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Take a quantum leap in any area of your life
  • Change negatives into positives
  • Gain clarity in your relationships
  • Increase your sense of aliveness and well-being

This class requires the purchase of Sanaya Roman’s book, Living with Joy.

Cost: $240 ($30 per class.  Payment plans accepted.)

Each class is 2 hours long and will occur every other week ( twice a month). The first class will occur on 03/05 and the remaining dates will be scheduled based on participants’ availability.

For questions or to register please call (360) 612-2277.


“I have known Kerri now for a couple of years and she has been a blessing in my life. She is a very gifted and grounded person who works from the heart for the highest good of her clients. I have experienced her talents in many ways with the following being some examples of this.

As a participant in the weekly guided meditations that she leads and classes that she teaches, I have experienced the wonderful energies that she brings in, which have been very helpful in promoting peace and healing. I have also been the recipient of a personal healing from her. In that session, she brought in the same beautiful energies that allowed me to vibrate at a higher frequency which in turn assisted me in releasing blocked energies. With her gift as a clairvoyant, she is able to direct the healing energies where needed and give clear feedback of
the session.

Kerri’s gifts as a clairvoyant are also quite remarkable when she does readings. The “Aura Reading” that she did for me was very accurate, informative and revealing. The information she related from my guides, has been very encouraging and comforting.
This reading has helped me in reaching a greater understanding of myself. Months later, as I listen again to the recorded session I am amazed at it’s accuracy and I can still experience healing from it. I am excited about the idea of a future reading.

I highly recommend Kerri in all her capacities, either as a teacher, a healer or a clairvoyant.”

-Marielle Ouellette


“Kerri Burnside is an exceptionally skilled & gifted teacher/guide. I find the content we cover and the skills we learn each week to be extremely practical & useful in my everyday life. Having Kerri as a mentor has greatly enhanced the speed of my personal growth. I am in awe of what she has taught me & grateful for the positive impact it has had in my life & the lives of my husband, children & other loved ones.”
-Leandra Josephson

“Kerri’s knowledge and intuitive gift has guided me to go deep within to understand my feelings, my emotions and myself. Her workshops have enlightened me.
Thank you Kerri”

-Linda Milne


“Kerri is an inspiration and a gift!

Meeting Kerri is a life changing experience for me. She has “awakened” my spiritual awareness. Knowing her, I have learned a lot about myself. Kerri has enlightened my life greatly through her teachings. Her classes are very informative and you walk out of there with new techniques. I am more sensitive to energies.

I have taken all her classes except for one, which I hope to do one day. What I like about the way Kerri teaches, she wants you to stay true within your belief system, to go with what feels right for each of us. Kerri is so down to earth, which makes it very easy and comfortable for me in taking these classes.

I have been going to Kerri’s meditation on a regular basis. I have missed a few due to different reasons. When I can’t make it to the meditations, I sure miss it. If you ever get a chance to go to one of Kerri’s meditations, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will enjoy the experience. Kerri has a soothing voice, which will make it easy for you to follow and go deep within.

I have received an aura reading from Kerri. The experience was amazing. I was so impressed. Everything she said was dead on. Some of the things she said started to make sense to me, which gave me more of an understanding with what is going on within me. I felt really good after the reading and I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to hear more. Having the session recorded is great, because given a lot of information, I didn’t hear it all clearly the first time, or I just needed time for it to sink in.

Anyone wanting a reading, I strongly recommend Kerri. I also recommend her classes for anyone wanting a change and an understanding in your own personal growth.

Thank you Kerri for being such a beautiful LIGHT”

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