Horoscopes – July/August

Cancer – You will feel a desire to improve your foundation at this time; don’t let this stop you from getting out and expanding your horizons. Trust your instincts they will help you pull through a hard time.

Leo – You may not see it but you have more friends than you realize. Look to your friends for they shall bring you something unexpected, however don’t mistake those you have constant contact with as friends.

Virgo – Look to your health during this time, others may be the source of physical ailments. This is a time to enjoy the messes of life; there is where the details are hidden. Let your fears go and take a look around, you’ll be surprised by what you see.

– Your ability to see both sides of the coin will come in handy during this time. This is a time to get out there and be sociable as others will be drawn to your charm. You will find movement during this time.

Scorpio – Patience will help you achieve your goals, however be prepared to work long and hard during this time. Your ability to find the source of any problem will come in handy; just make sure you are asking the right questions.

Sagittarius – This is the time to go out and adventure. Your enthusiasm will show your friends things they never seen before. This is truly the time to surround yourself with friends to enjoy what is out there.

Capricorn – You help others to feel protected. Your strength will be the foundation for you family during this time. Be careful that the castle that you’ve built doesn’t become a prison.

Aquarius – You may find love in an unexpected place during this time. Give a new experience a try and you may enjoy the outcome. Be careful of the maturity level of those around, you may need to be the voice of reason.

Pisces – Don’t let your worry over work affect your health. Your foundation at work isn’t as shaky as you might think. Look at what you accomplish you just might find the satisfaction you’ve been looking for.

Aries – You have a true equal in your partner. They will be there to help you overcome unexpected obstacles. Don’t look at your partnership as if you are unequal. You both support and challenge each other.

Taurus – You have a sound mind for investments, and not just monetary. Don’t let money be the foundation for your happiness. You are appreciated just look around you carefully.

Gemini – Take a close look around you. Your friends may show you that you live in a place of excitement. Take advantage of your mutable nature to enjoy the people that you normally overlook, you might just get along fabulously.

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