I received a gift from my friend Cherryne for my birthday in March. It was a little copper dragon holding a crystal heart. I thought this was a lovely and interesting choice and at first did not know what to do with it. I set it on my altar table which is filled with pictures and other spiritual objects like crystals and feathers and semi-precious stones. Still the little dragon called out to me.

I picked it up and discovered that it had little loops on the back. So I put it on a silver chain and started wearing the dragon around my neck. A few months later I received an email from my friend, Cathy. She told me that in her meditation she saw me sitting on a rock with my hair blowing in the wind. And she heard the words “dragon’s breath.” She asked me if I knew what that meant. I told her about the little dragon I wore on a chain, but I really didn’t know what the words “dragon’s breath” meant.

A few days later Cathy sent me another email. She spoke with a Reiki Master about dragon’s breath and learned that Dragons Breath was one of the Archetypal Reiki Cards created by Dorothy May. Dragon’s Breath = Spiritual Initiation.

“The dragon is a powerful symbol that represents life force and great potency. This is the time to step into your power. Dragons also guard treasure. The treasure that your dragon guards may be your precious Higher Self.

“In ancient times it was thought that, hidden in a cave guarded by a dragon, lay a horde of gold and jewels. This symbolism commonly represents the spiritual wisdom buried in the unconscious. The winged dragon is a powerful symbol of transcendence and can mean ascension to spiritual and mystical heights. The dragon’s breath is like the fire of purification.

“Think of the dragon as a powerful ally that can help you to build up and contain your power. Use the dragon as a spirit guide and its breath will strengthen your ki. Try saying this: “With the dragon’s breath I blow power into my soul.”

Wow! I started thinking more and more about the dragon and dragon’s breath. I realized it was no coincidence that two friends, one in California and one in Michigan, thought of the dragon in regards to me. I have written a bajan (sacred chant) about dragon’s breath. Here are the words:
Dragon’s breath blow into my soul. (2 times)
Dragon’s fire purify me. (2 times)
Spirit Guide show me my power. (2 times)
I sing it over and over. I play it on a dulcimer and would like to add a strong drum beat to it. It calls out for drums!
Here is a guided meditation that Cathy also sent to me:
You are in a misty, foggy place with lots of stone around. It is an ancient place. You feel the power of this place and know you are here for an important reason. You are here to do the work of the dragon.You see a large, old tree with hanging branches. In its shade is a carved stone bench. You sit on the bench and look all around you. A single golden flower calls to you. You stare at it and in its center you see emerging a beautiful gold and green dragon. Fire comes out of the dragon’s nostrils, but it is not a fire that consumes. It is the fire of purification.

You ask the dragon if it is here to help you. It tells you mind to mind that, yes, it is here to help you as long as you need its fire power and energy. The dragon indicates that you are to climb upon its back and hold on to the spikes on its neck. You comply, though you are afraid. You discover that the spikes do not hurt, for they are covered in soft leather. As the dragon flies through the air and up and over the earth, you enjoy the power and freedom the ride gives you. You are being infused with the power of the dragon. As you breathe, your exhalations resemble fiery dragon’s breath, for the two of you have become one. You know that you have stepped into your own spiritual power, with the help of the dragon and the dragon’s breath.

I am grateful to my friends Cherryne and Cathy for helping me to connect with the dragon, with the dragon’s breath and with my own spiritual power. I am still learning the lessons the dragon has to teach. I offer it to you now.

Saralee Sky, MA, is an Energy Healer, combining Reiki with Chakra and Aura Healing. She has over 30 years of experience working with women and children and now also works with animals.

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