Dissolving the Monkey Mind

Dissolving the Monkey Mind

If you are human, you have experienced those thoughts that go round and round like a hyped up monkey chattering from branch to branch sometimes called the monkey mind.  This craziness can almost make you dizzy.  Something like a dog chasing its tail.  These rampant thoughts certainly don’t allow you to focus.

I just read an article talking about managing the monkey mind. The author was suggesting that during meditation one can observe the thoughts and let them go.  I find that we can take this one step further.  These thoughts can be completely dissolved to their core.   When repetitive thoughts are removed, you may not even remember them or if you do remember, they are like someone else’s story.  They have no hold on you.  There is no emotion attached to them and they do not run old programs that mess up your daily life.

The next question is, “How do you dissolve them?”  Let’s first remember that thoughts are energy.  What keeps them in place is our attachment to them.  We may have been hurt, embarrassed, disrespected, and more.  The resulting emotions and beliefs that developed from these experiences are what keep them in place. These are also energy that has taken a certain unseen form.

Dissolving an energy pattern can mean disassembling the pattern and then replacing it.  So how does one go about taking a pattern apart?

There are many w ays to shift energy.  Breathing and visualization are two very important keys to changing the form of energy.

You may have heard that what you put your  attention to is what you create.  Once your attention is attached to what you feel and believe you are riveted to that energy form.  You dream it, you get pinged to remember it as some similar situation comes into your life, or it cycles through as the dizzying thoughts that keep your mind occupied.  You may even dig its pathway deeper by repeating the story of what happened.

So what brings about the change?  Remember the cartoons where a light bulb appears over a character’s head?  You know that something has occurred to that character that has brought up a new way of seeing something.  That “aha” is the moment the energy changes.

The key to that shift is finding what changes an old energy form (thought form, emotion, or repeated life pattern).  Every healing modality is doing this in some way.

One simple way to do this is through complementary colors.  Each color vibration has meaning which constitutes a  vibrational pattern. Red on its own can be about struggle, fear that you won’t survive, or anger that you feel like a victim of circumstances.

The complementary color to Red is Green.  Green opens the heart, allows you to grow, connects you to others, and brings you information that is soul deep.  When working together, Red and Green can shift the struggle, fear and anger found in Red into hope, a passion for life, and a feeling that you are not alone.  With this shift, you change your focus.  This disassembles the old energy pattern and replaces it with a new pathway.

When these colors are breathed into your consciousness and asked to help you dissolve the energy pattern, they respond immediately.  Breathing opens you up, asking for help releases your hold on the energy pattern, and the movement of the colors through the energy centers breaks up and dissolves what is stuck.  You now have the building blocks of energy to use however you desire.

Does this seem to easy?  For sure it is simple!  Getting ourselves to take steps toward the change is sometimes the piece we have to work through.  That’s why we come together to help each other, whether that’s with friends, practitioners, or mastermind groups.

If you are still bothered by thoughts you don’t want, emotions that get you side tracked, or life patterns that don’t fit who you are, now is the time to make a change.  Set your intention to find how you can best do that for yourself.  You might write out or say in your mind, “I am open to finding how I can best shift these old patterns that keep me from moving forward.  I am paying attention so that I will see that help when it comes.”  You may be amazed at the results!  Hang in there, you are ready.

By Arlene Arnold

Through years of working with color and counseling hundreds of clients, Arlene Arnold developed Complementary Color Therapy.  The Power of Color offers classes, courses, training and certification in this modality.  For more information go to www.ThePowerofColor.com or contact Arlene at Arlene@thepowerofcolor.com or 360-450-6849


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