Celestial Forecast for July and August 2015


Jupiter is highly revered in Eastern Astrology. Known as Brihaspati, Jupiter is powerful enough to subdue negative influences in a person’s chart if placed well and not poorly aspected by other malefic planets. It is a planet that creates expansion, wealth, prosperity, luck, fertility and children. It is an excellent indicator of higher education. Many people with a well placed Jupiter are interested in developing the higher aspects of human consciousness and will be interested in meditation, religion and philosophy. Interestingly enough, Jupiter is also considered to be the Great Protector in our solar system. This is fascinating considering Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Its tremendous gravitational pull has prevented asteroids and meteors from entering Earth’s orbit, saving us from planetary devastation, more than once, I am certain.

On July14, 2015 Jupiter will move from Cancer into Leo (Sidereal). It takes Jupiter 11.86 months to complete a full orbit around the Sun. Depending upon retrogrades, Jupiter averages about one year in each sign.

In which area will Jupiter be spreading its positive energy in your life from July 14, 2015 until August 12, 2016?

Sun Signs.

Remember this is based on the sidereal system and is different than Western Astrology.
Apr 14 – May 14 (Aries) Fifth house – This is an excellent placement for Jupiter. An excellent time for strengthening relationships with your children. Good for business activities and actively engaging in higher spiritual or educational pursuits. This placement promotes optimism, so keeping a positive outlook will produce positive results.

May 15 – Jun 14 (Taurus) Fourth house – Blessings upon your home, renovations, remodels, new decor and landscaping. Harmonious relationships especially with mothers and mother in-laws will be welcomed. This will be perfect time for buying or selling a house or finding an apartment that suits your needs. Try some Feng Shui in your kitchen to attract prosperity. I do not use the word “abundance” as it could intimate “abundance of debt” or “abundance of annoying people”. Prosperity is the state of flourishing and thriving.

Jun 15 – Jul 15 (Gemini) Third house – This placement enhances relationships with younger siblings. If you are interested in getting noticed for your talents in writing, acting, singing or music, this is the time to let the world know more about you. Communications are enhanced and negotiations will tend to go in your favor.

Jul 16 – Aug 16 (Cancer) Second house- The truth will be of utmost importance as your words will carry great weight at this time. The second house deals with wealth, so if you are planning to update your financial portfolio or find a new broker, you can begin in Mid-July. All activities increasing your knowledge, in any area, will be enhanced at this time.

Aug 17 – Sep 16 (Leo) First house – This is one of the best placements for Jupiter. This blesses the entire chart! If you have been feeling out of sorts or battling illness, this could be a time of relief. The Vedas say you will be protected from suffering and harm. Because this house rules the body, beginning any type of health regime or physical activity such as Yoga, will be very beneficial to you.

Sep 17 – Oct 16 (Virgo) Twelfth house – If you are searching to find inner peace and tranquility, then this is time to do it. This placement will support finding a spiritual teacher and assisting you on the path to enlightenment. Be careful with your money and do not overspend at this time.

Oct 17 – Nov 15 (Libra) Eleventh house – This blesses all things related to success and fortunate opportunities. You will be in the right place at the right time. People who can help you climb the social or corporate ladder will come into your life. Goals involving spiritual activities such as meditation, and finding the truth within can be achieved during this time, especially when involved with like minded people. Group activities are highlighted.

Nov 16 – Dec 15 (Scorpio) Tenth house – Looking for a new career, job opportunity or advancement? You’ve come to the right place. Your achievements will likely get noticed at this time. Any involvement with philosophy, law, government and religion relating to your profession will be auspicious during this transit.

Dec 16 – Jan 13 (Sagittarius) Ninth house – This transit is about aligning yourself with your Divine nature. The 9th house is a house of Dharma or purpose. Timing can be everything and luck will be on your side here. Good relationships with father figures are highlighted.
Travel and long journeys to foreign lands can be very beneficial to your overall outlook on life.

Jan 14 – Feb 12 (Capricorn) Eighth house – The 8th house is all about other people’s money such as wills, legacies, insurance policies, partner’s finances, life, death and taxes! While Jupiter is here it is wise to update any legal documents, protecting you from any issues later on down the road. Intuition can be quite strong during this transit, so paying attention to signs and symbols are very important. Follow up on hunches and change your passwords to prevent credit card or identity theft.

Feb 13 – Mar 13 (Aquarius) Seventh house – Jupiter indicates a spouse or partner in a woman’s chart. This could be your year if you are single and looking to get hooked up with the right partner. Jupiter blesses this house with harmonious married life, great sex and pleasant travels in foreign countries. It also brings people into your life who can be of assistance to you in times of need. Networking is key.

Mar 14 – Apr 13 (Pisces) Sixth house – Watching what you eat is certainly good advice during this transit. Jupiter brings in an expansive energy and your waistline is no exception! Feeding yourself and others will be an enjoyable experience. If you have competitors or enemies Jupiter will help you to overcome adversity in business and in your personal affairs.

Jupiter will be in the Nakshatra of Magha from 7/14/2015 to 9/14/2015, approximately.

Magha is represented by Regulus a regal star in the constellation of Leo. This is a star of leadership. People born with their moon here are natural leaders and always in command.
The house in which Jupiter will reside from July to September is an area of your life where you might take a lead role. Maybe it is a time for you to ask that special person out for drinks instead of waiting for them to ask. Take on that new exercise program or look for another job. Whatever you decide, Jupiter, the great benefic, will help support your efforts.

If you are uncertain what sign your Ascendant is in, you can use the free chart calculator on my website: www.vedicmoonastrology.com Please remember, major decisions should be based on a full chart analysis and not on the placement of just one planet.

Good fortune to all!

Christine Sessler is a Vedic Astrologer in Bellingham.
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