Be Here Now

“Be Here Now,” What does that even mean? We can all say the words so easily and freely, as if by second nature. And yet, we can still live our day to day lives at the speed of light. When did it become ‘cool’ or ‘admirable’ to multi- task? We all know that there is no way to master an intention without utilizing FULL AND UNDIVIDED attention.

To do something well, we MUST PAY ATTENTION! This means giving of ourselves and slowing down enough – just enough, to allow a deeper, more rich and delicious experience to unfold. Giving attention to anything or anyone is easier when we can slow down the mega flow of information all around us. When we “multi-task” we fail to connect and BTW, that lack of ‘connection‘causes pain -not the pleasure we most desire.

So what do we do?? Practice being connected. Practice patience. Practice breathing deeply. Go everywhere with grace. Rage appreciation. Rally for the existence of the LIFE in every moment.

S L O W I T D O W N a notch. Let the car go ahead…
Look the cashier in the eye and ask how the day is going…
Arrive early and stay late…
Linger a little…
Send out loving thoughts to every plant and animal along your way. My goal is to show up as the person divinity created and just BE.

Today – I Allow the concept, the words, the idea of “BE HERE NOW” begin to work – won’t you join me?

And remember, if it FEELS good…. it IS good!

By Debbie Black Cumming

Debbie is creator and curator of Artful Energy Studio in La Conner WA
She designs fine art photomagic – specializing in Big Color Abstract /Impressionistic styles, Pastels, Black & White, Florals, and more. She also created “MY Better Beads,” as a beautiful instrument to help remind us to always reach for better feeling thoughts. The adult version has a total of 108 beads, the children’s version has 36 beads and comes with a story book. You can visit the website at:

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