Are You Allowing Yourself to Receive?

by Wenty Hill

In these times of “Reality TV” and “Transparency” it’s time to take a deep look inside ourselves and assess what our internal beliefs are about allowing and receiving, to look at what REALLY motivates us.

As you can imagine this is a HUGE subject, so today we will touch on a couple of the issues that are about –Allowing and  Receiving.

Let’s start with what IS working for us with allowing and receiving.  What we allow ourselves to receive is all about what we believe both consciously and subconsciously. Though it’s fairly clear what we DO allow and receive into our lives consciously. For example: we allow ourselves to be nice to others, we allow ourselves to appreciate worthy causes, we allow ourselves to be good parents.

On the other hand, examples of what we may NOT allow ourselves to receive are:

  • Unlimited income for ourselves
  • Healthy drama-free relationships
  • Being successful in the career of our dreams
  • Vital and healthy body, etc.

The list of what we are unconsciously NOT allowing ourselves to receive goes on and on…

So, why are we NOT allowing ourselves to receive all that we desire?  What are our unconscious limiting beliefs and why are we NOT allowing ourselves to receive?

There are so many questions here that you might ask:

  • “Why don’t things play out the way we consciously want?”
  • “How do I know what my limiting beliefs are?”
  • “Where do my limiting beliefs come from?”
  • “How do I release my limiting beliefs so that I can live the life of my dreams?”

Unfortunately, though we don’t have the time here to address all the questions you have on this subject, I have found that most of the allowing and receiving issues are based on 3 major limiting beliefs:

1) I’m not good enough

2) I’m not worthy

3) I don’t deserve

When working with clients, from all over the world, for the last 30 years, I have found that, most unconscious limiting beliefs are based on these 3 unconscious limiting beliefs.

Therefore, these 3 limiting beliefs are the primary causes of personal drama around why most people’s lives aren’t fulfilled.

Does that mean you need to do 20 years of therapy to release where these limiting beliefs came from, to understand how they came to be in you and then, how do I get rid of them?

In the beginning of my client work, I thought the way to release these personal blocks was to do “therapy” type work with my clients.

Was I ever wrong!

Thankfully, I have found that it takes 17 seconds of running (speaking/thinking about) a negative pattern or belief to recreate that reality in the future.  So, when I was speaking with my clients about what “wasn’t working” for them, for an extended period of time, I was actually reprogramming that limiting belief back into them even stronger!

Fortunately, I DO have a quick method for releasing these and any limiting beliefs, but most of you are not my clients yet (smile), so let me assist you in a possible way out of your personal sabotaging beliefs.

First, realize that you probably have 1, 2 or 3 of the above limiting beliefs running you.  You must first acknowledge them before they can be released.

Then, DO NOT JUDGE yourself when having these limiting beliefs (judging yourself reinforces the limiting beliefs).  Just observe/notice that you have this limiting belief.

Finally, commit to being complete/done with this belief.  After you make this powerful commitment to yourself, then just let it go and forget about it.  You don’t want to spend time thinking about “is it done yet?” (Again, more than 17 seconds of a limiting belief recreates that in the future).

That’s it!  Rest and enjoy the new results that will come to you from your commitment back to the real authentic magnificent you.

Wenty Hill has had 30 years’experience on TV, Radio and News with 1,000’s of courses in the fields of Success, Manifestation, Business, Relationship, Matchmaking, Quantum Physics, etc. focused on her worldwide client’s needs. Her clients call her their “Professional Fairy Godmother,”for their “Dreams Come True both personally and professionally. Contact Wenty Today at: (360) 384-2916.

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