Achieving a Healthful Life

Some things are just plain awesome. They’re life-changing. They put the spring back in our step and make us happy to be alive. For one person, it might be the exhilarating experience of sky-diving. For others, it might be leaving for college or buying their first home.

For many of us, it’s finding sound health in body, mind and spirit that make our existence on planet Earth so good. At least that is what I’ve found in life. Thanks to Henry Cloud, PhD and John Townsend, PhD, authors of Boundaries, I learned to have the strength and courage to live my life, my way. This in turn led to ending so much spirit-sucking misery, and finally finding peace and health. A good life is only a distant dream if we or our loved ones are not well.

One route to a good life may include Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, the acupressure tapping technique that can free us from old or even new emotional baggage. It’s amazing what a little tapping on these points can do to bring us back into harmony with ourselves and the universe. Nick Ortner has produced a helpful video explaining how to tap and locally the Community Food Co-Op has provided excellent classes on EFT—for just $5.00! That has to be the deal of the century. (Thank you Co-Op!)

Dr. Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, NAET, is another route. This health-promoting treatment uses acupuncture to get rid of not just allergies, but all kinds of disharmony in the body. For example, I found that after being treated for a disharmony with B vitamins my anxiety disorder vanished. After a horrible story on the evening news a few months later, my anxiety flared again and two or three days of taking B-3 and B Complex cleared it up. I’ve been pretty much free of anxiety ever since. (Thank you Dr. Nambudripad!)

Next in the lineup is homeopathy, a truly miraculous field of medicine. It isn’t herbalism, it isn’t naturopathy. Like acupuncture, EFT and NAET, it’s energy medicine. Although no one is completely sure how it works, I believe it changes our body’s vibration on the physical plane so that the vibrations of bacteria, viruses, and fungi no longer match up with us and can’t cling on to us. I believe that homeopathy can also change the vibrations on our emotional, mental and spiritual planes so that we can be all that our Maker meant us to be, happy and healthy on all levels and free of “Cling-Ons!”I love homeopathy. It has cleared up several problems in my family. (Thank you Dr. Hahnemann!)

The last route I want to recommend is Orthomolecular Medicine. It is a big mouthful of a term, it meaning something very simple, correcting your biochemistry. Practitioners have been curing people of mental illnesses for well over half a century with this wonderful treatment even though the American Psychiatric Association, Big Pharma and even our own federal government all claim it doesn’t work. (That’s just capitalistic greed and stupidity doing the talking.) They all tout the need for patented, expensive chemical straightjackets instead of real recovery. Orthomolecular Medicine is now practiced in over 40 countries. Why? Is it because it doesn’t work? Or is it because it does work? You can judge for yourself. As a mom and a researcher, I have found it to be a life saver, literally and figuratively.

If someone is psychotic, and possibly a danger to himself or others, the law says he must take synthetic drugs to suppress his symptoms. The rest of us have a choice: you can choose to either suppress the symptoms with psychotropic drugs for the rest of your life or you can get real medical care to find out what is causing the illness then restore your biochemistry with nutritional medicine. I chose the latter for my family member and he has now been free of psychiatrists, liver-destroying antipsychotic medications, police, ER admissions, mental hospitals, DSHS, social workers, lawyers, and judges for over 8 years. The depression and anorexia are gone. So are the demons. The nightmare is over. Using Orthomolecular Medicine means trying something new, thinking outside the box and broadening your horizons. It’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. (Thank you Dr. Hoffer and Dr. Pfeiffer!)

So, if you’d like to try something new, I heartily recommend these healing techniques. Who knows, they might even be life-changing.

Linda Van Zandt, M.Ed.
Author of
“The Secrets to Real Mental Health: How one family escaped America’s failed, profit-driven system and found care that works – Orthomolecular Medicine (correcting the biochemistry)”

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