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What in the heck is a podcast? For the longest time I had heard ‘podcast’ thrown around without having a clue what they were myself. I moved to Seattle about four years ago, and when I did, I left television behind me. Honestly I watched way more TV than was necessary for a healthy existence, so living without it was certainly an adjustment. For a while I got along well digging into the depths of Netflix on my laptop, and eventually I tuned into the waves of public radio broadcasts. But then, from the shadows of these entertainment behemoths, I was introduced to podcasts.

Podcasts are basically radio shows, typically structured in the way that TV shows are, with episodes and seasons. The range of what a podcast can be and it’s length (10 minutes to 2 hours) is astounding; from talk show interviews, fictional stories, education, comedy, and random rants and raves. They are free to download on either your computer, or mobile device, and anybody with a microphone, a recorder and a computer can create one, that means there’s is a lot of, let’s say…underdeveloped… content out there available to download.

Since learning about podcasts, I have delved deep into the tangled mass of free downloadable shows, and have surfaced to tell of many tales. Fear not readers! With persistence you can find a variety of shows to expand your mind, discover mysteries of the body, and warm your spirit; and I bring you suggestions of where to start.
How do I gain access to all these excruciatingly awesome podcast’s you ask? Here, let me show you…

The good news is that finding and listening to podcasts’ is easy; the bad news is that… wait a second, what am I saying… there is no bad news! The most convenient way to get a podcast is to download episodes on your smart phone. Windows, Apple, Android, and most any other phone on the market now come with a podcast app already on it. There are also many podcast playing apps available in your phones market place that will give you control over what you download, when, and what the podcast player interface looks like.

No need to fret if you don’t have the capabilities on your phone. You can also go to the itunes store, or the Zune store, or probably many more online stores I’m not even aware of, and search for your podcast of choice to download. Once downloaded, you can put the episode onto an mp3 playing device of your choosing.
One final choice for you is to look up the podcast at its host website, which will be listed after each article. For example, Radiolab episodes can be listened to at www.Radiolab.org.

That’s it! Now go and start exploring and listening to the ever thickening jungle of podcast! And if you come across anything good, let me know…

By Joel Simler

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